What is a Giclee?

The word giclee (gee-clay) is French and it means "to spray." It is a digital form of reproduction printed on either canvas or paper, where literally hundreds of pixels of ink are being sprayed on the surface to recreate the Giclee Printer image of the photograph or artwork. It is the closest reproduction to the original that there is! Archival inks are used on my giclees (which means you should not see any fading in our lifetime) and they are printed on Arches heavyweight watercolor paper. Another neat characteristic of giclees, over lithographs, is that you can have just ONE printed at a time. And, most presses can reproduce images up to 48" one direction...and some even handle up to 60".

If you are not interested in an original painting, but just want a giclee print of one of my watercolors, let me know what size and image. I can then give you a quote, plus shipping. Thank-you for interest in my artwork. E-mail me at: barbkallestad@yahoo.com